The Green Deal and ECO Initiatives

The Green Deal and ECO Initiatives provide assistance towards energy saving measures inclusive of external walls which are the single most significant source of wasted energy. External walls are the key contributor to energy loss from domestic properties accounting for upto 45% of heat lost from a dwelling.

Under Green Deal and ECO hard to treat properties comprising of narrow cavities and solid wall construction typical of the pre and post war years can easily be improved to provide thermal performance benefits.

ECO Initiatives

ECO started on the 1st January 2013 and broadly takes over from two previous schemes (Community Emissions Reduction Target CERT and Community Energy Savings Programme CESP) and focuses on providing energy efficient measures to low income and vulnerable consumers and those living in hard to treat properties.

There are three main ECO obligations;

Carbon Saving Obligation (CSO)

Carbon Savings Communities (CSCO)

Affordable Warmth (HHCRO)

Sykes Specialist Contracting Ltd meet all the key criteria and requirements of the Government’s Green Deal and ECO initiatives inclusive of PAS2030, 25year insurance backed warranties via SWIGA and or QANW and BBA approved installer accreditation to PAS 2030.

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